Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am in love with a dancing bird named Snowball

Sallie discovered him. Mir UTubed him onto her blog. I just keeping playing him over and over. I can't stop.

Sal has pointed out that the squawking sound he makes AWWWWGH--eeeep sounds a lot like bawwww--dy (as in "Rock Your Body Now"), so Snowball is not just dancing, he is singing!

Nothing has made me this giddy in months. I repeat: I LOVE THIS BIRD!

This is so uncreative of me and so low-tech, but I've got to go to work and can't figure out how to bring Snowball to my website, but view him video on mir's site.


robin said...

....smiles...and more hugs.... : )

robin said...

You'll love this and passing it along!


robin said...

PS ~ there's a contest on campus to see how many of the films someone can identify.... : )

cynthia said...

robin, both the dancing guy and the movie countdown are wonderful! thanks for the fun . . . love, cyn